Back to Work Presentation w/Merry Campbell & Greg Grant - Shared screen with speaker view
Denise Hart
does the child just need to be a child or so they also need to be sick?
Denise Hart
If you have more than one child under 14 is it double?
neal gross
do the 14 days have to be used all at once, or is the cap 14 days, and the eligible employee take fewer days at a time, but then aggregate to 14, i.e. if they take 5 days once then 5 days again, and then 4 days, but that means making 3 hits, even tho the total is 14?
Sumita Langhnoja
DC leave apply if you have employees work in DC or if your office is in DC
Louise Cole
How does this leave work if you are a recipient of PPP?
Suzi Cusack
If an employee takes half days of the child leave, are their limits to the number of hours they work?
Thuy Le
How these laws and regulations effecting company under 50 employees?
neal gross
an employee out on FFCRA leave is still counted in the FTE requirement in PPP, right?
Wayne Cobb
Has the MD “employment-at-will” law changed at all due to the pandemic in other words can employees be terminated for the same reasons as before the pandemic?
Manuela DiCamillo
As a Montgomery County Employer, can we require our employees who are currently working remotely to return to the office?
Lizette Salvador
Can an employee refuse to come back to work in the office if s/he feels unsafe. Remote working is available.
neal gross
can employer require that the worker provide their own PPE [face mask] which meets a certain standard?
neal gross
if the end of the "covered period" of the PPP loan is before 6/30, isn't that the end date for the FTE calculation in regard to loan forgiveness, not 6/30?
Kathy Torrence
Thank you!